Collection: Fur-Ever Friends

Welcome to the inner circle of pet enthusiasts who desire nothing but the best for their furry companions. Say hello to 'Fur-Ever Friends,' where the magic of top-notch pet care and delightful surprises comes to life. 🐾

Here, we're all about creating a world where your pets are the true stars. It's time to let loose and embark on tail-wagging adventures, shower your pets with pampering that goes above and beyond, and celebrate the extraordinary bond you share. 🌟

Your beloved pets are more than just animals; they're family. At 'Fur-Ever Friends,' they're treated with the utmost love and care, because we believe that they deserve nothing less.

Explore our exclusive collection, discover a world of exceptional pet care, and give your pets the extraordinary experience they've been longing for. 🎉🐶🐱🎈

Subscription Tier Monthly Price Yearly Price Benefits
Pawsome Care Companion $200 $2000

Basic pet care services, 10% discount on entire shop.

Minimum of 3 services per week

Elite Pet Care Partner $400 $4,000

Standard pet care services, 15% discount on entire shop.

Minimum of 5 services per week

Purr-fect Pet Care VIP $800 $8,000

Premium pet care services, 20% discount on entire shop.

No Minimum services per week


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