Screenshot of the Smart Cat Brush video on our TikTok Shop. If you are looking for cat grooming products and wall-mounted cat brushes, check out our videos on social media of our products.

Check Out Our Latest Video of the Automatic Smart Cat Brush and Cat Massager on Our Social Media!

Discover our latest video to see our Automatic Rotating Cat Self-Grooming Brush and Rechargeable Cat Face Massager in action on our social media! 



Product Details:

Our Automatic Self-Groomer and Cat Massager is a revolutionary solution for pet care! Designed with advanced sensors, this device activates upon detecting your cat's presence, effortlessly grooming them by rotating in the direction of fur growth. 

Say goodbye to loose fur as the Self-Groomer takes care of grooming duties for you!

Not just a groomer, this innovative device doubles as a gentle massager, soothing your cat's tense muscles with its delicate touch. As it glides over your cat's fur, it collects pheromones, promoting a calming atmosphere that your cat will love. Mimicking the sensation of being groomed, its soft and rotating bristles provide unparalleled relaxation for your feline friend. Treat your cat to the ultimate pampering experience with our Automatic Self-Groomer and Cat Massager.

We sell this device by itself and also part of our Cat Grooming Kit, which also includes 2 Cat Wall Corner Brushes and a Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush with Massage Needles. Available on our website. Both products linked below. 

Click here for the Cat Grooming Kit!

Click here for Automatic Self-Groomer!

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