Cat Grooming Essentials Set: Complete Self-Grooming Kit with Self-Cleaning Brush - Great Gift Idea for Cat Lovers and Cat Owners - Cat Massager, Face and Back Scratcher

Cat Grooming Essentials Set: Complete Self-Grooming Kit with Self-Cleaning Brush - Great Gift Idea for Cat Lovers and Cat Owners - Cat Massager, Face and Back Scratcher

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Introducing our Complete Self Grooming Tool Kit for cats! Our cat grooming kit includes everything you need to keep your feline friend looking and feeling their best. The kit includes a smart cat massager, 2 cat rubbing corners/wall scratchers, and a self-cleaning pet brush. 

Product Details:

Automatic Smart Cat Brush and Cat Massager: 

  • Self-Grooming: Activates near your cat, effortlessly removing loose fur.
  • Gentle Massager: Eases tense muscles, promoting relaxation.
  • Calming: Collects pheromones and mimics the soothing sensation of grooming, providing a soft, gentle, and calming experience for your cat

Self-Cleaning Grooming Brush:

  • Gentle, effective, and suitable for all pets.
  • Massage needles promote relaxation and healthy skin
  • Easy cleanup with the fur release button—push and swipe to remove collected fur effortlessly.

Cat Wall Corner Comb Self-Groomers (2 Piece):

  • Self-Grooming: Cats naturally groom by rubbing against the soft bristles, reducing shedding and preventing hairballs and skin issues.
  • Built-in catnip pouch keeps your cat entertained.

Benefits of the Kit:

  • Multiple Uses: Our kitty korner scratcher can be used as an interactive cat toy, a cat face scratcher, a cat head massager, and even a cat / dog back scratcher. Our Self Groomers are gentle enough for kittens, making it the perfect Kitten Starter Kit.
  • Versatile Pet Brushes: Our self grooming corner brushes work for both dogs and cats, making it a versatile tool for multi-pet households. These cat brushes are suitable for indoor and outdoor cats, and are effective for both long and short-haired cats.
  • Stimulates Kitty Grooming Routine with Catnip: These cat necessities include a built-in cat nip pouch that will attract your cat's attention and keep them entertained for hours, while grooming their fur.
  • Prevents Hairballs and Skin Issues: By regularly using our cat self groomer you prevent the risk of hairballs, skin irritations, matting, and other grooming-related issues by keeping your cat's coat healthy and well-groomed.
  • Saves You Time and Money: Our Value Pack Grooming Kit contains a Corner Massage Brush, Kitty Corner Groomer, Electric Self-Groomer with Catnip, and Deshedding Brush. Saves you time and money, no need to search for for individual grooming products and tools.
  • Innovative Self-Groomers: These time-saving devices are designed to effortlessly groom your furry friend without requiring your constant attention. Say goodbye to the hassle of daily brushing or grooming sessions—our self-groomers do the job automatically, ensuring that your kitty stays well-groomed and comfortable. Now you can reclaim your precious time while still providing the best care for your beloved feline companion.

Part of the proceeds from your purchase will go to support the foster program at Operation Kindness, a local animal shelter. This makes a great Christmas gift for cat owners and cat lovers!

We also sell the Automatic Self Groomer by itself. Click here to view the listing. 


For installation instructions for the automatic self groomer, check out our blog post here.  For installation instructions on for the cat wall corner brushes, check out our blog post here. Please make sure to watch our video or read our blog post about tips on getting your cat interested in the self groomers. 

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